At fixed times all the abbots/abbesses come together. They discuss there the salvation of their own souls and of those committed to them. They take measures regarding the observance of the Holy Rule and of the Order where there is something that needs to be corrected or added. They foster anew among themselves the benefit of peace and charity. They devote themselves to maintaining the patrimony of the Order and safeguarding and increasing its unity. (C.77)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Faces of Joy

The interior image I have from this morning shows the joy of perseverance: Three of the delegates walking up and down the ails of the aula handing out pink and white papers and collecting the votes – again and again, always smiling, always smiling from a deep joy.

I guess they are not aware of how much their smiles help the rest of us to persevere through sessions of voting that may be very tiresome. We continue to go through reports from the commissions, suggestions for votes, amendment of votes suggested, keeping straight that we have the right voting sheet in hand when the votes are finally taken. Communities and superiors waiting for decisions concerning their own community have to learn patience again and again. Then the relief or disappointment or great joy when the result is given.

Mother Regina of Abakaliki and Dom David of Spencer were both reelected to the abbot general’s council. M. Daniele of Les Gardes and Dom Armand of Scourmont were reelected to the Law Commission, with M. Marion of Crozet and Dom Elias of  Gethsemani and Fr. Germain of Koutaba as new members, all for six years. 

The following were elected to the Central Commission: Dom Bede of Calvaire, Dom Armand of Scourmont, Dom Joseph of Mt. St. Bernard, Dom Bernardus of Tilburg, M. Angela of Nasu, Dom Filomeno of Guimaras, Dom Vedaste of Mokoto, M. Maureen of Abakaliki, Dom Isidoro of Huerta, Dom Jean-Marc of Bellefontaine, Dom Patrick of Sept Fons, Dom Giacomo of Tre Fontane, Dom Francisco of Miraflores, M. Stella of Juigalpa and Dom Elias of Gethsemani.

Tautra Mariakloster in Norway was erected to a major priory.

Sr. Hanne-Maria of Tautra