At fixed times all the abbots/abbesses come together. They discuss there the salvation of their own souls and of those committed to them. They take measures regarding the observance of the Holy Rule and of the Order where there is something that needs to be corrected or added. They foster anew among themselves the benefit of peace and charity. They devote themselves to maintaining the patrimony of the Order and safeguarding and increasing its unity. (C.77)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Keep on the way

The Mass at the closing of the General Chapter was celebrated in the basilica of Our Lady of the Angels, the Porziuncula. As beautiful as the simple daily Masses at Domus Pacis have been, it was very nice to be in a large church where the stones are balmed with prayer.

The general abbot, Dom Eamon, pointed out how the readings of the day referred to journeys to Jerusalem, and how Jesus is making clear to those who want to follow him what demands that will entail:
  • What Jesus says is indications of a spirit and an attitude that takes God and the Good News seriously. They show us what may be asked of us and call us to a spirit of recognizing the priority of God in our lives. They are indicators of the kind of choices we have to make not only at the moment of first being called to follow Jesus, but are challenges that face us each day as we journey to our heavenly homeland.
  • Despite making decisions with forethought and consideration we cannot always know all the implications of our choices. Just as there were moments of truth when the disciples were severely questioned about their ideas of what the kingdom of God would mean and the reality that Jesus proposed, so it is with us. Life and relationships are made up of expectations, surprises, disappointments, and joys – the learning that is part of our schooling in love, our growing relationship with the Lord Jesus.
  • The journey continues and life will continue to surprise us and we will have to learn these truths again in new situations. God’s plans and purposes are always much greater than we can ask or imagine. The important thing is to keep on the way to keep our eye on him who leads us and to be ready to be surprised. May this Eucharist, this celebration of the mystery of faith renew our faith and trust in God, strengthen us for the journey ahead with our communities and may he, Christ, bring us all together to everlasting life.

Then it is all the goodbyes and parting, the long journey home and the joyful expectations of getting back to the regular monastic life in the communities that we love.

Thank you for following us with interest, love and prayers these weeks!

Sr. Hanne-Maria of Tautra