At fixed times all the abbots/abbesses come together. They discuss there the salvation of their own souls and of those committed to them. They take measures regarding the observance of the Holy Rule and of the Order where there is something that needs to be corrected or added. They foster anew among themselves the benefit of peace and charity. They devote themselves to maintaining the patrimony of the Order and safeguarding and increasing its unity. (C.77)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Well done – makes for reelection

Another day of beauty has come to Assisi. The capitulants of the General Chapter are persevering in the last efforts to complete their work, another day of important but somewhat tiring voting, although the fact of now being one single Chapter simplifies the voting process.

Yesterday afternoon we finished the votes for the abbot general’s council. M. Regina of Abakaliki and Dom David of Spencer were elected for another six years and Dom Santiago of  Sobrado for three more years. So the council will remain the same as it is now, Dom Timothy of Gethsemani and M. Danièle of Les Gardes having three years left of their term. Dom Timothy was reelected as procurator general.

The capitulants equally showed their great satisfaction with the work of the Coordinating Commission in the votes for the promoters/promotrixes for the General Chapter in 2014. All the five members were nominated anew, and three of them reelected: Dom Bernardo of Novo Mundo, M. Benedict of Arnheim and M. Marie of Glencairn. It was pointed out how important it is to have somebody with each of the three official languages of the Chapter as mother tongue. This will facilitate getting the right formulation of votes in the different languages. Dom Jean-Marc of Bellefontaine and Dom Roberto of Cardeña were thus elected as new members of the Coordinating Commission.

Gedono’s foundation in Macau was approved by the general chapter this afternoon.

Sr. Hanne-Maria of Tautra